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Magnum 4D Results

The simplest yet advanced way to check Malaysia’s Magnum 4D results


Check latest Magnum 4D results

  • Check the latest and past Magnum 4D results by swiping left or right on your iOS device.
  • Navigate to any past Magnum 4D results quickly.

View all Magnum 4D results

  • View all Magnum 4D results since April 1985.
  • Includes 4D jackpots.

Subscribe latest Magnum 4D results push notifications

  • Receive push notification when the latest Magnum 4D results is out.
  • Receive push notification when the latest Magnum 4D results is complete with 4D jackpots info.

Share Magnum 4D results with your friends

  • Send Magnum 4D results to your friends using iOS built-in sharing.

Personal 4D Number Storage

  • Keep a list of your 4D numbers that you bought or thinking of buying.

4D Results Number Checker

  • Check your 4D numbers against the Magnum 4D results.
  • View 4D results with your favorite 4D numbers highlighted.

4D Number Prize Checker

  • Check your 4D numbers to see the type of prizes they have strike before.
  • Count the types of prizes your 4D numbers have strike before.

4D Number Permutation

  • Show you a list of permutations for your 4D numbers.

4D Number Generator

  • Generate random winning 4D numbers by shaking your iOS device.


  • One app for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Comes in 3 Languages

  • Available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Magnum 4D Results works for Magnum 4D in Malaysia only.



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